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Francisco Rafael Montiel Palenci
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi there my Friends. I am Montiessor but for some of my friends I am known as Francis.

I like to invent stuff and create ideas, I pretty much like mythology and mythological creatures. And if you have a character and you need to write him a biography, then I will be please to help, you only need to tell if you want him to be:

I am not so good at drawing, but at least I got a great imagination. And I prefer to do supervillians and evil stuff. Because we all know that super-villians get always the cool stuff and have better powers and weapons, the only bad thing is that they always got defeated, but oh well you cant always get all.

Current Residence: Deatharus Peek
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: cartoon, monsters.
Operating System: Paint. My hands
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Mines. Tails, Lucius Heinous the Seventh, The Lich.
Personal Quote: Katonga!!!!


Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 2:12 PM

Since a lot of people are doing this list. I am giving it a chance 

So I am posting my top 6 most hated cartoon characters.

*NOTE* This characters I hate, that does not mean I hate the show (in most cases) also just because I hate this characters that does not mean you should hate them too...

So here we Go!
Also why 6, cause this characters I am sure were created by the devil himself

6. MIKEY from TMNT 2012
Before most of you kill me or unlatch me, please hear me out. I don't hate the show nor I hate the TMNT. But this incarnation of Mikey, it's just very very very frustratingly stupid... I mean most of the episodes only focus on him and how he mess up everything and because he is Mikey he magically fixes the problem he created. I mean this guy is very very very dumb, not other incarnations have been this stupid, they know when to be mature at times, but this version keeps being the annoying teenager we have in a school project and just hate cause he only thinks of having fun and not helping out, but he always gets rewarded for it. But the show is amazing and clever. And this is why he is at the bottom of the list.

5 Beast Boy and Cyborg from TEEN TITANS GO!
There are not nice words to say this... so forgive my language... THIS TWO ARE THE BIGGEST ASSHOLES!! They are insulting versions of the original, the original could be childish at times, but they knew when to mature up and help out. This two new versions, are the most insulting adaptation of a DC character! I mean they destroy everything, they are so irrespecutful and dumb below average. Mostly like Mikey they create most of the problems of the show, but guess what they do not fix them and don't even feel sorry for it. They are assholes to their team mates, they are assholes to their enemies, and they are assholes to themselves! I mean there is an entire episode where they only say Waffles, I mean it they only say Waffles throughout the entire episode! They even manage to ridicule one of the most badass villains of the Teen Titans, Brother Blood. They Annoy him to the point he just gives up! Brother Blood was clever twisted and a perfectionist in the old show, here is like they throw shit at him! I hate this guys and I hate whoever design this new versions, and i hate that they are getting away by insulting of the most amazing teenage characters ever to be created by DC.

4. THE ANIMANIAC from Animaniacs
This trio of whatever they are just made me angry. Even as a kid I hated this 3 with guts. I did not find them funny, nor creative. They were just annoying and incredibly stupid! I do not know if they were doing their stupidity on purpose or they were this really stupid. I mean in a Christmas movie they have, they go on an adventure to get to a wishing star, and their little sister is sick. They have to go through a lot of trouble and hardships and when they reach the star, guess what they ask for... Two half cents... I am not kidding they ask for 2 half cents... And suddenly all their troubles are resolved, they cure cancer, eradicated world hunger, and created world peace, just by asking for 2 half cents... that was so stupid I swear I hit my TV with my fist. This guys are so stupid and perverted that I just can't stand them.

3. RIGBY from Regular Show
This guy is just a whinny grown up that goes around naked and whines about everything. Did I mention he whines about everything? Cause that is the only thing he ever does through the entire show. He is a pussy and all problems in the show are created by him. This show is enough by being the Rape child of Shaymalan''s plot twist and everything Wrong with Michael Bay. I mean there is an episode were Rigby steals his boss good luck, and the boss thinks he still got it so he bets the Park he owns, just to loose it in a card game against a Chinese Wizards wo begins to destroy the park. What the hell?! Anyway he is a whinny douche.

This guys are just poor excuses of cartoon characters, specially in an amazing show like Adventure time. First Jake, Jake has always been the man child of the group and when he gives advices he gives the worst of them. I mean he rather wish for a sandwich instead of saving Finn or himself. I am serious, in an episode the guy is dying and he wishes for a sandwich which he only gives a small bite and says "Yeah I am full". Also in an episode where they follow the Lich to another dimension, he keeps wishing for a Sandwich, instead of saving Finn, nope I want a Sandwich, making himself more powerful, nope Sandwich, instead of savin the world fromevil forever, nope I want a Sandwich. I mean that is lame and really stupid. But I will never forgive Jake for what he did... He is the reason Finn and Flame Princess broke up... No I am serious, re watch the episode and you will see. Finn is already confuse by his dreams, but when he tells Jake that in one of them he saw the Cosmic Owl, what does he say. "DO AS THE FUCKING WOL SAYS!! DO AS THE FUCKING OWL SAYS!!" And if it wasn't for this, Finn and Flame Princess would still be together. But nope Jake just screw things up. And it's even sadder that one of his sons is trying to help him see what he has become and tries to help him become more mature, and he fails miserably... It is sad cause his son has a few months from being born and still he is more successful and smarter than his father, and when he tries to bring his father to reality... NOPE! I WANT O BE A MAN CHILD AND CONTINUE TO WISH FOR FREAKING SANDWICHES, PICKLES AND GIVE BAD ADVICES, OH AND ALSO NOT CARING OF MY BROTHER IS IN MORTAL DANGER AS LONG AS I CAN GO TO PARTIES!... That is so sad and wrong...
Lumpy Space Princess is the Queen of being A Bitch. She represents everything bratty kid would do. I mean her parents love her and she hates them for that. She is living in the wild because she hates that her parents love her, what the hell?! Also she is just a pain the ass, the makes everything worse, and forces everyone to like her at any cost. She is the rich brat that thinks everything is like her life. In one episode she begins to steal food from farmers and scarring them in order to steal even more their food. When the farmers confront her she says this "Oh come one! Why don't ask your parents to buy you more stupid food" and to her surprise, the farmers she was stilling from actually had families, they are the freaking parents and are trying to help their children.
Also she is the girl that gossips and is very materialistic and vain. I really hate her and I really want to see her die!

and the big cheese goes to...

1. FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM from Fanboy and Chum Chum
This is a show I really hate. This show is the definition of stupidity and annoyances. Fanboy is a kid that dress up like a super hero and pretends to be one, he is cross the borderline of stupidity to a measure I though only Patrick Star from SpongeBob could cross. This kid is beyond childish, idiotic, stupid, disgusting and annoying. I mean there is an episode where he needs to get a good grade, and one of his friends has a robot, so he decides to switch minds with the robot, of and here comes the funny part. He actually goes to school as the robot and leaves the brilliant robot mind i his body back at his friends house. Not only does he loses the test, but makes all of the entire classroom lose it too, because he makes the test for them. And when he explains why he did not send the robot mind in his body instead of him in the robot's body he answers with this... "Because I wanted robot claws"... No wonder this kid as been repeating the same grade, for 5 FREAKING YEARS! And the worst part is that his sidekick Chum Chum is actually a kindergarden student he kidnapped because he find it cute and wanted him as a sidekick. And so not only Fanboy is ruining everyone's life who is near him, but he is ruining Chum Chum's future, cause Chum Chum is the brains (I am not sure the kids has brain though, cause he is really stupid too, but not Fanboy stupid) and since he is "friends" with Fanboy he has become as annoying as him. This show is the definition of stupidity and comedy killing! Not even the TEEN TITANS GO! have reach this level of stupidity, and that show has actual origin source. Fanboy and Chum Chum mock every superhero everywhere and insult the intelligence of their audience. And is proudly brought you by Nickelodeon, once the shinning jewel of cartoons, has become the dumpster of bad cartoons, as well as lazy and stupid creativity.

So there... This are my most hated characters.
Enjoy and tell me what you think
PLEASE! Note that I know some of you love this characters and i understand that, and I know some of you will kill me by putting TMNT in here, but once again I will repeat myself... I LOVE TMNT 2012, AS SO FHFIF. So don't insult me please. 

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