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Francisco Rafael Montiel Palenci
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi there my Friends. I am Montiessor but for some of my friends I am known as Francis.

I like to invent stuff and create ideas, I pretty much like mythology and mythological creatures. And if you have a character and you need to write him a biography, then I will be please to help, you only need to tell if you want him to be:

I am not so good at drawing, but at least I got a great imagination. And I prefer to do supervillians and evil stuff. Because we all know that super-villians get always the cool stuff and have better powers and weapons, the only bad thing is that they always got defeated, but oh well you cant always get all.

Current Residence: Deatharus Peek
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: cartoon, monsters.
Operating System: Paint. My hands
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Mines. Tails, Lucius Heinous the Seventh, The Lich.
Personal Quote: Katonga!!!!


  1. Do NOT change any of the questions below.

  2. You must answer all of the questions.

  3. Follow these rules

  4. Tag 10 people and 10 people exactly. If you don’t have 10 friends, just find random people on deviantART and tag them. xD


  6. Have fun suckers!

Who are You?

  1. What is your name?

  2. What are some of your nicknames?
    Montie, Francis, Brother

  3. When is your birthday?
    August 29th 

  4. What’s your Zodiac sign?

  5. What is your Chinese Zodiac?

  6. Are you a sibling?
    Yes. The middle one

  7. What is your spirit animal?
    Deer, I think?

  8. Where were you born?
    Guatemala, Guatemala

  9. Where are you right now?
    Still the same place

  10. Male or Female?

  11. Are you currently in a romantic relationship?
    No… Possibly never will be… Cause really who would want a loser like me.

  12. Do you have any tattoos or piercing?

  13. Eye color?
    Blue grey

  14. White or black?

  15. Hair color?
    Blonde with some Brown on it

  16. Shoe size?
    8 and half.

  17. Height?
    1.63 cm

  18. Right handed or left handed?

  19. Are you currently going to school?
    Yes, college

  20. Do you have a job?

  21. Have you ever smoked?

  22. Have you ever drank alcohol?
    Never in my entire life, and never plan to.

  23. Have you ever been to prison or commited a crime?

  24. Have you ever been on TV?
    Yes… I played soccer at a stadium when I was young… My team lose

  25. Are you secretly a superhero?
    No, and if I was, I would probable be a supervillain  

  26. What’s the strangest thing to have ever happened to you?
    My entire life is strange

  27. When was your moment of pure triumph?
    Never actually felt that… 

  28. What was the last song you listened to?
    Bedshaped - Kane

If You...

  1. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
    Donate it, and use it to get myself away from my family.

  2. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you go?
    Anywhere except my home

  3. If you could meet one of your heroes (dead or alive) who would it be?
    I have no heroes

  4. If they made a movie of your life, who would you cast to play yourself?
    Nobody… I am pretty sure a movie about myself would be a mega bomb box office failure.

  5. If you woke up one day to suddenly have super powers, what powers would they be?
    Mind reading and object manipulation

  6. If you were a superhero one day, what would you yell as you charge into the fight?
    Prepare to suffer

  7. If you had a time machine, would you use it? If yes, when would you go?
    I would go back in time, and beat the crap out of those who bully me, and beat the living hel out of my father.

  8. If you could meet one of your friends from deviantART, who would it be?
    All of them.

  9. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
    Caring, loyal, understanding

  10. If your friends would describe you in three words, what would they be?
    Whinny, pushy, whinny… And possibly every bad word in the dictionary

  11. If you could give advice to your past self, what would it be?
    Kill them… Kill them all...

  12. If there was a soundtrack for you life, what would some of the songs be?
    Don't like music that much

  13. If the world was overrun by zombies, what would your survival plan be?
    Kill as many of them in gruesome way, and then kill myself before they can kill me.

  14. If the world was overrun by killer robots, what would your survival plan be?
    Just let them vaporize me.

  15. If the world was overrun by super intelligent apes, you know the rest.
    Hang myself before they enslave me.

  16. If you could redraw or rewrite any piece of work you’ve posted on deviantART, what would it be?
    All of my art work… All of it really sucks

  17. If you were Emperor of the World, what would be the first thing you do?
    Declare World Peace. Destroy every freaking religion. And torture my dad for all eternity

  18. If you could wield any video game weapon, which one would it be?
    The Fat Man from Fallout 

  19. If you could have any animal as a pet without risk of being eaten or killed, what animal would it be?
    Komodo Dragon

  20. If ye had the chance to change ye’r fate, would ye?
    I would do it… I am tired of my existence were I only suffer.


About You and deviantART

  1. When did you first join deviantART?
    somewhere in summer 2012

  2. Why did you join devintART?
    My friend convince me

  3. What was the first picture you posted on deviantART?
    I very bad drawing of my character Randall Peterson

  4. How many favorites does that picture have now?
    Probably still 0

  5. Who was the first person you +Watched on deviantART?

  6. Who was the first person to start +Watching you on deviantART?

  7. How many +Watchers do you currently have?

  8. How many people do you +Watch?
    I think at least a 100

  9. How many llamas do you have?
    135 (what purpose does this things have?!)

  10. Search your deviantART name on Google and post a link to the first image you see.…

  11. Search yourself on deviantART. Post the first image you see here.
    Hun-Came and Vucub-Came by Montiessor

  12. Search up three of your characters on deviantART. Post the first image for each of them here.

  13. What art style do you mostly use?
    Cartoon, and crappy 

  14. What kind of art do you normally post here on deviantART?
    Crap… Tons and tons of crappy art.

  15. What artstyle do you wish you could master?
    Anime and real life like textures

  16. How would you describe your artstyle?

  17. How would others describe your artstyle?
    Probably crappy as well...

  18. Whose artstyle has inspired yours the most?
    All my friends inspire me

  19. How have other deviants influenced your artstyle and/or artwork in general?
    They inspire me 

  20. How many pieces do you currently have in your Gallery?

  21. Who are some of your favorite artists on deviantART?
    All are special to me.

  22. How many art contests have you participated in?

  23. How many of those art contests have you won?
    None, ause I am a crappy artist, that I even lose when I am the only one who enters (I am not kidding here, this actually happened) 

  24. Has your art ever been ripped off?
    No… Whoud rip off crap?

  25. Have you ever ripped off somebody else’s artwork?

  26. Do you do requests?
    No… Cause I do crappy art and those who request the art deserve better

  27. Do you do commissions?
    No… Same reason as the one above.

  28. Do you do collaborations?
    No. Who would collaborate with me?!

  29. Asides from deviantART, where can people see your artwork?
    No other place

  30. What is something that is difficult for you to draw?
    Hands and legs… Everything in general.

  31. Why is it you decided to make artwork for a living in the first place?
    If I did this fora living I wouldn't be doing this, since I would have probably starve to death by now.

Your Favorites

  1. Favorite Movie?
    Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings

  2. Favorite TV Show?
    Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Steven Universe, Star Wars series, Sonic X

  3. Favorite cartoon/anime?
    Sonic X, One Punch Man, Overlord

  4. Favorite Actor?

  5. Favorite Actress?

  6. Favorite Director?

  7. Favorite Hero?

  8. Favorite Villian?

  9. Favorite Book?
    The Heroes of Olympus series

  10. Favorite Author?
    Rick Riordan, Carlos Ruiz Zafon

  11. Favorite Song?
    I don't like music that much.

  12. Favorite Singer / Band / Composer?

  13. Favorite video game?
    All of them

  14. Favorite video game console?

  15. Favorite Sport?

  16. Favorite Hobby?
    Drawing and writing

  17. Favorite Food?
    French fries

  18. Favorite Drink?

  19. Favorite Pizza topping?
    Cheese and meat and garlic butter

  20. Favorite Ice Cream flavor?
    Bubble Gum

  21. Favorite candy?

  22. Favorite Fast Food joint?

  23. Favorite place to go on vacation?
    None… I don't like leaving my house.

  24. Favorite place to be alone?
    A park or somewhere far way from family, I don't care where.

  25. Favorite place to go with friends?
    Movies… Probably the only place they like to interact with me… Since my RL friends, dislike everything I like, exclude me as much as they can. And never actually ask how I feel about it.

  26. Favorite animal?
    I love all animals.

  27. Favorite dinosaur?

  28. Favorite plant?

  29. Favorite theme park ride?

  30. Favorite noise?
    Silence… I really despite noise

  31. Favorite smell?
    Sewer Pipe, Rotten Meat, Chocolate.

  32. Favorite YouTube Video?

  33. Favorite YouTuber?

  34. Favorite Holiday?
    None, because that means being with my family… I despise my family

  35. Favorite gift you’ve ever received?
    My drawing tablet

  36. Favorite word?

  37. Favorite color?
    Turquoise, Orange, Purple

  38. Favorite number?

  39. Favorite joke?

  40. Favorite quote?
    " Life is a Miracle, But hope is the gift that makes it Special" - Me.


Your Friends

  1. Who tagged you with this meme?
    :iconfinjix: :icongshepherd17: :iconcktoonstudios:

  2. Are you going to take your revenge on this person later?
    No… It's not worth it.

  3. How many friends do you have?
    Many but I doubt some of them even care about me.

  4. How many of these friends have you met on deviantART?
    All of them.

  5. Which friend is your favorite to talk to?
    All, I always enjoy talking to a friend

  6. Which friend is the craziest?
    None, as I am always the crazy one.

  7. Which friend has trolled you the most?
    None… I don't care if people troll me.

  8. Which friend do you secretly suspect of being a superhero?
    None… I believe they are all super heroes in their own way

  9. What friend have you known the longest?
    :iconfinjix: :icongshepherd: :icongreivousvsdarkashoka: :icondragbax:

  10. Which friend do you wish you talked to more?
    All. I really miss talking with you guys

  11. Which friend do you wish you talked to less?
    Okay this question is stupid… Cause if you wish you could talk less to a friend, then they are to your friends, they are just an annoyance to you.

  12. Which friend makes you laugh the most?

  13. Which friend is fun to RP with?
    All, but I myself do not like to role-play that much… Specially after a certain day...

  14. Which friend has made you rage the most?
    None… The true question is, who have I MADE rage the most.

  15. Which friend would totally kick your @$$ if they wanted to?
    Anybody can kick my ass… I wouldn't mind… I don't like violence

The Overdone Playlist Meme

With this section of the meme, go to your iTunes and play all of your music on Shuffle. Now each part of your day gets a song to go with it. Make sure to put the song’s full name and artist name and NO SKIPPING ANY SONGS!

I don't use iTunes. Nor playlists, nor music that much.

OC Meme, Part I

Now it’s time to switch things up! We’ve heard enough about you, you, you! Time to bring out some characters! Pick one or more of your OC’s and have them fill out the meme below! Whoever tags me with this meme again can request which character I do.

  1. What is your character’s name? Impeldron

  2. How old is your character? 
    Aroun maybe around 450

  3. How did your character come to be?
    He was turned into a Spider by Emphasis

  4. What species is your character? 
    Spider Kin

  5. Does your character have any special powers or abilities?
    - Able to turn anyone into a spider. - Able to fly, thanks to some special crystals. - Able to forge anything you imagine.- Extreme Agility. -Able to produce spider silk. - Capable of short distance transportation (using his ax). - Impossibility to detect in dark places. - Super Strenght 

  6. Where does your character live?
    He is dead, but mostly he lives in Earth and the Guardian Realm

  7. Is your character good or evil?
    Neutral, as he would do things other heroes would not.

  8. Who would you pick to voice your character?
    Anub'Arak from wow. I don't know the voice actor.

  9. Is your character in a relationship? If yes, how did they meet their other?
    Trying to get one with Aklamos

  10. Does your character have any kids?
    Not really kids, but he considers his Spider Kin as his family.

  11. What does your character do for a living?
    Protect the innocent. Hunt Down Demons

  12. If you character had a theme song, what would it be?

  13. Does this dress make me look fat?
    Another stupid question

  14. What is your character’s greatest weakness?
    He is too pushy and to emotional

  15. Who are some of your character’s friends?
    His Spider Kin (at least some of them). Emphasis (as long as he is not with Aklamos) 

  16. Who are some of your character’s foes?
    Emphasis: Love Rival. Masaliti Grimscum: Rival in general

  17. What is your character’s favorite sport?

  18. What is your character’s favorite hobby?
    Basically hunt down demons and swing those in need. And trying t conquer Aklamos heart

  19. Hey, isn’t that Stan Lee?
    Again, another stupid question.

  20. Do your characters suspect any of your friends as being superheroes?
    They don't care

  21. What is your character’s favorite food?
    Insects, rotten meat and blueberry pie.

  22. Does your character have a pet?

  23. Is your character getting annoyed by this meme?

  24. Too bad, because that was only part one!
    Too bad, i'm stopping here XD

    Whoever wants to do this… Fell free to do so.

    My dad once again gave me the middle finger and took away another friday from me. For those who don't know. Friday is the only day of the week I am allow to rest. But my father does not give a crap about my well being and only wishes to see me get good scores and to suffer in the process. So yeah, again I can't rest and can't enjoy life… So basically until the end of this year, you would not see me as much and less of my art… So yeah don't be amuse if one day you receive a letter saying I killed myself...
  • Mood: Agony
  • Listening to: -
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: -

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