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Francisco Rafael Montiel Palenci
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi there my Friends. I am Montiessor but for some of my friends I am known as Francis.

I like to invent stuff and create ideas, I pretty much like mythology and mythological creatures. And if you have a character and you need to write him a biography, then I will be please to help, you only need to tell if you want him to be:

I am not so good at drawing, but at least I got a great imagination. And I prefer to do supervillians and evil stuff. Because we all know that super-villians get always the cool stuff and have better powers and weapons, the only bad thing is that they always got defeated, but oh well you cant always get all.

Current Residence: Deatharus Peek
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: cartoon, monsters.
Operating System: Paint. My hands
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Mines. Tails, Lucius Heinous the Seventh, The Lich.
Personal Quote: Katonga!!!!
Throught Cartoon history... There have always been those characters that make our parents look like Saints... The Cartoon Parents I am about to mention are simply the worst kind of parent there could be. So let´s begin

10) BURT BURTONBURGER (Kid vs Kat): Burt at first, he looks like your average father and lonely parent, and many would wonder why I put him here. Because is very simple, he sucks at being a father (but not as much as the others) the fact that this parent never believes his own son, even when his son has been a little angel throughout his life, and I can´t believe that he does not see the connection that his son weird behaviour started when his daughter found her new pet. And speaking of her daughter, she is the real reason he is here. Milly is just a colossal brat, she always gets what she wants, she is a smart ass, and often bullies her older brother, also the fact that Burt obeys her every command. And that is the worst thing you can do as a parent... Show favouritism.  

9) THE PARENTS FROM RUGRATS (Rugrats): The Pickles brothers and their wives are big bad parents. Stu Pickles (Tommy´s Fahter) is a very neglectful father, he spends all the time he can in his basement to creat new toys instead of actually watching and taking care of his children as well as his wife. Also his brother Lou Pickles (Angelica's father) he suffers from being a lousy father, by raising a bratty kid as Angelica and his wife is just worried about business, and probably forgets she has a daughter as she never spends time with her. And the rest of the parents are just awful as they never keep track of their children and not even worry about them. As well they have never reinforced the kids wall so they don't escape that easily. This parents sin is that they are way to neglectful. And they have to consult a freaking Doctor who does not know anything about children (and he is a famous Paediatrician for some reason) to try and raise their children... 

8) LINDA FLETCHER (Phineas and Ferb) Of all the parents in our list, this one is the worst for me (but not worst Cartoon Parent) Linda Fletcher, is the definition of a neglectful mother a woman child and a bitch. Linda Fletcher is never home as she always have to go to parties, activities and really stupid stuff (but she never goes to work, at least in the episodes I have seen) and she often does not believe her own daughter, Cadance, when she tells her that her two brothers are putting themselves and the city in danger. Heck she does not believe her own Husband who have seen the two kids do dangerous stuff (I would have put him in the list along with Linda, but he is a likeable character unlike his wife) and also this bitch must be blind cause. How can you not see the Titans structures that her two sons build (they even created a building that reached the freaking moon and you tell me she never saw that) and nobody in the entire fucking city ever notice the entire things and have the brain cells to tell Linda of what their kids are doing and that this freaking things never appear in the news or anything, this people are the fish from Spongebob 2.0... But enough with that, also that her bank account must Minus Infinite cause this things are not built because of charities. But the true worst offender has to be this... She makes fun of her daughter...Instead of supporting her, believing her or at least take her to a psychologist, Linda Fletcher writes down on her diary all the waky things Cadence "invents" to later tell them to her friends so they can make fun of her... That has to be a new long... Linda Fletcher is a Woman Child Bitch, but what can you expect from an ex-singer/famous pop star.  

7) POKEMON PARENTS (Pokemon Anime) This are the truly bad parents. Letting go your 10 year old into the world, with no money, no cloths and with a bunch of dangerous animal that your 10 year old can kill using the ones he have or they could kill him. Yeah also screw education or jobs, in the pokemon world all kids are pokemon trainers that their parents just let go and don't care if they get killed (but in Ash case, I wouldn't mind if he died). However the truly worst parents of the Franchise have to be Ash Parents, her mother couldn't care less what happens to her son. And his father, what father?! The bastard just leave ash and his mom alone so he could become a pokemon trainer. Truly that is worst, to have a father who left you and your mon, and to have a mother that couldn't care less about you... Yep truly beautiful the Pokemon Universe it is, might as well just give your son a gun and let him shoot anything or anyone.

6) JOHNNY TEST'S PARENTS (Johnny Test) Johnny Test parents... Do I really need to tell more. But anyway I will tell. The mother is a workaholic and is never at home, and when she is she helps Johnny in his stupid adventures. The father is a control and clean freak who has one of the most annoying voice in cartoon history, and also the father has some sort of fetish with Meat Loaf... What so special about Meat Loaf?! 

5) SOUTH PARK PARENTS (South Park): This bastards are barely parents, heck I can barely call them adults. This bastards have been so neglectful of their children that they have become the Gods of being bratty kids, specially Eric Cartman, who's mother barely have the ovaries to control him and discipline him. Heck she even had to contract the Dog Whisperer Cezar Milan so he could train the little brat (the funny part is that it work XDD) And all the other parents are just huge man child assholes. Kenny's Parents are poor because the bastards spend all the money they get on drugs and beer. Kyle's Parents are perhaps the more stabilise, but still they are horrible, i mean there is an episode were Kyle's mom trust more a Natural healer (who's medicine is a complete hoax and bullshit) instead of a certified Doctor, heck Kyle almost died in that episode because of them . But My God, Stan's Parents are the worse! His mother is just a know it all bitch and his father is just a colossal man child who can't accept his is an adult. Randy Marsh has cause his family to fall apart multiple times (he cause 2 divorces in his marriage) and has fought other parents because he is drunk, has bully other kids in South Park, he gave himself testicle cancer just so he could smoke weed and my God this father is a monster.  Besides all the parents in the cartoon are so gullible and irresponsible that they tend to ever exaggerate things, causing the world to go to shit in multiple occasions.  

4) BOB PATAKI AND MIRIAM PATAKI (Hey Arnold cartoon) This has to be the kings of Neglectfulness and favouritism. Miriam Pataki is an alcoholic (in the cartoon she looks like she snake smoothies or other stuff, but those are alcoholic beverages) as she is constantly sleeping, dizzy and couldn't give a fuck about the world specially her daughter Helga. Bob Pataki is just a colossal douche! He only cares about his busyness, has an extreme short temperament, and is extremely harsh on all people. But the TITANIC problem with this two, is that they have favouritism to their oldest daughter Olga, they favouritism so much that they forgot that they have a sec on daughter, Helga. Heck they care so much about Olga that in one episode they straightly forgot that Helga had to go to School. Helga was force to walk herself to school while it was raining (also she was only a little kid like around 3-5 years old at the time) I am extremely surprise Helga was not run over or kidnapped or simply killed! This are 2 Big Fails at parenting    

3) MR. AND MRS. DOOFENSHMIRTZ (Phineas and Ferb) Talking about being Colossal asswhores! The Doofenshmirtz are the worst parents (and probably more racist) in all of TV and guess what they are also from Phineas and Ferb cartoon. The monster practically abadon their first son Heinz when he was born, and he was raised by Wild Cats. Later I don't know how he found them, but he did. And just to be mistreated to the point where you feel sorry for the guy and for once you actually want him to win for once! In the list of abuses this parents deliver to Heinz are the following: Force him to disguise as a Garden Gnome all night and day, Force him to wear girl dresses (because they wanted a daughter and instead had a new son), Forgetting his birthday, favouring his brother Roger and he was disowned by them. He even was replace by a dog the Father won in a fair and call him "Only Son". The worst part is that this is suppose to be use for comedy and relief. When in the entire Fucking world has child abuse, neglectfulness and favouritism ever seen the center of comedy. Heck there are many things you can not joke around (and I am not saying them because some are racist) and Child Abuse is one of them! And then again this another wonderful reason why Phineas and Ferb sucks (might be original at the beginning but now is repetitive and it sucks!)   

2) PETER AND LOIS GRIFFIN (Family Guy) This monsters are the worst parents in adult cartoon History. Peter is the God of all Man child, and Lois is nothing but a materialistic bitch. And both are monsters as they have almost killed and actually killed their only Daughter Meagn. Heck Peter even bullies Megan and Lois is just a hypocritical mother, and only interferes when Megan is about to kill herself because she fears her credential as a mother will be stained. Peter constantly puts his family in danger and hates being with his kids and most of the time finds ways to ignore them, heck! There is even an episode were he tried to marry his own son Chris, because he wanted to get his hands on the money His father in law would give to Chris (because Chris teach his grandfather how to masturbate...Yeah a shit you not!). So yeah if we are counting worst cartoon Parents in Adult Cartoons, Peter and Lois would win (along with Fry's parents) but what is worst than a bad cartoon parent in a cartoon created for Adults? Bad parents in a cartoon created for Kids... and which they are... 

1) TIMMY'S PARENTS (Fairly Odd Parents): This are the Gods heck Supreme GODS of bad parenting! They are both adults that never grow up as they still think they are teenagers and constantly leave their only son in the hands of a psychomaniac babysitter. They constantly find ways to go out and leave Timmy, they mostly ignore him. They even physically abuse him as they once tried to use their newborn son as a ball, use him as a gardening tool. Heck there was one time where Timmy made them sign a contract that specifically said that they are not allow to go out on Weekends and they have to spend time with Timmy. Only for them to immediately use the contract as a fish envelop! MY GOD they even left a Demonic cult as babysitters for Timmy! He even gave away his stuff to rich people in Halloween, tear down his entire comic collection just to make arts and crafts with them. They constantly forget Timmy's birthday and constantly give him dangerous artefacts, like acid, for him to play around. HECK!! They even killed their son! (of boredom but still kill him) Mr. Tunner even spent all the family's money by buying monkey puppets for him to sell! This are not cartoon parents this are monster, demons that are stuck inside a cartoon!
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Which name sounds better for my Character? (NOTE: This are names of famous dragons and his relatives have names that are similar to dragon, such as: Drac, Drake, Draco) 

2 deviants said Prince Zmey
1 deviant said Prince Lee-Tzard
1 deviant said Prince Drago
1 deviant said Prince Zomok
No deviants said Prince Ddraig
No deviants said Prince Balaur
No deviants said Prince Dreq
No deviants said Doragun


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skykunthedragon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey do you remember me? :3
Montiessor Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course I do!!
I never forget a friend (but you never answer my notes, that is why I stopped contacting you, cause I believe you forgot about me.)

What can I do for you my friend? :)
skykunthedragon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I answer quick normally so what you mean?
Montiessor Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Huh? So I guess you never received them... I have to check that later... So tell me how are you?
(1 Reply)
kot6 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Bonjour! How are you my friend, sorry I've not stayed in touch for such a long time! Sweating a little... 

I've had trouble finding time for communication with people ... Buuuut what's been going on? Anything new happening? 
Montiessor Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well hello there dear friend :glomp:

Oh what kind of trouble?
Me, nothing much, I have just been stressed for a long time and in my last days of this year College cycle.
Also That I have not had any ideas recently nor the time to draw anything because of homework's and jobs.
But I am okay ^^

The important thing is that you are okay ^^
kot6 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohhh I see, hope you get through it and end the semester smoothly !

I've actually been busy with my personal project for the past 6 months that I now have to finish on november the 2nd (MY GOD THE STRESS)
aaaand my project is writing and entire bloody book of 100 pages Waaaah!  that's why I've had little time for friends hehe sorryyy

but I'm glad you're okay and hope the year won't be too hard on you ^^ 
Montiessor Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me too

Oh my! I get the stress coming up with likeable characters, a good story and to create a whole new world for it is hard.
But if you wish I could help you write down the book, I have many ideas, you can use ^^

Thank you, And I hope that after this project you get an A (do you measure grades by numbers or letters?) and you can finally rest ^^ 
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derpygirl1004 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
TYSM FOR THE WATCH! :happybounce: F2U Pinkiplier Icon 
Montiessor Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problems dear new friend ^^
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